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Jerusalem - but the defeat at the United Nations, the Israeli government said on Monday that will boost the tens of thousands of new homes in east Jerusalem and warning countries opposed to take further action, announced that Israel is not "tolerance".

A few days later, the UN security council vote condemned the Israeli settlements, the city of Jerusalem, said it would not compromise: the eastern part of the city approved 600 housing units mainly part of the town on Wednesday, a senior Palestinian official said the first part of 5600 new homes.

Provocative attitude reflects the anger is a turkish-cypriot erected in favour of reconciliation of Israel in the history of political leaders, not only did he accuses the United States failed to prevent a security council resolution, also claims to have secret information, according to Mr Obama's team planning. American officials have strongly denied the claim, but the people on both sides of the conflict seems ready to weeks until President Obama over to Donald j. trump.

Prime minister Benjamin netanyahu has lashed out at the security council countries curb diplomatic engagement, recalled ambassador, cut off aid and summoned the American ambassador. He cancelled the plan this week to visit Ukraine's prime minister, even though he expressed concern on Monday, President barack Obama is planning to more action at the United Nations before his term ends next month.

The prime minister defended his revenge. "Israel is a country prada replica with a sense of national pride, we cannot tolerate," he said. "This is a responsible, measure and take strong action, a healthy person's natural reaction is clear at the United Nations around the world have done is not acceptable."

On Friday by the security council resolution, condemning the Israeli settlements in the west bank and east Jerusalem as a "blatant violation of international law" and an obstacle to peace. Committee approved 14 0, and the United States abstained instead of using the veto, because it is over.

Trump publicly demanding veto resolution and choose settlement promoting government ambassador to Israel. He turned to Twitter Monday night air complain that the United Nations "is just a club of people get together and chat, have a good time."

Palestinian leaders made it clear that they will use in international institutions according to their resolution against Israel. The United Nations recognized the discovery of the illegal behavior, they said they would exercise not only requires other national brand products in the settlement, but they were banned.

"Now we can talk about all the settlements resist, working with them, and so on, actually to take legal action to them, if they continue to work with them," the Palestinian foreign minister Riad Malki, quoted Palestinian news media.

He outlined the palestinians now can take other steps, using the resolution according to the international criminal court to prosecute the Israeli leader, filed a lawsuit on behalf of a particular displaced palestinians settlements and urged the authorities to prada outlet determine whether Israel in violation of the Geneva convention.

"We want prada replica to establish a comprehensive vision, hope after the Israeli occupation ended in 2017," said Mr Maliki.

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Israeli officials said such a statement indicates that the resolution actually destroy prada bags sale the chance of a negotiation to resolve conflicts, because the palestinians are now less willing to table. By declaring it is illegal to Israeli settlements, they said, the United Nations essentially take a chip, Israel had to trade, the meaning of land.

"Palestinian war against Israel diplomacy and the law. The strategy of" RON dermis, Israel's ambassador to the United States, said in a telephone interview. "Their strategy is not reached an agreement with Israel, because trading is give and take. They want to get."

Israeli settlement program, a scattering of houses across the so-called green line marks before the 1967 arab-israeli war, in the past few years have been fully developed. Since President Obama took office in 2009, 297000 people live in the west bank settlements and 193737 in east Jerusalem. In the west bank, increased to 386000 in east Jerusalem at the end of last year and 208000 by the end of 2014, according to the peace now, an opposition settlements.

Israeli officials noticed when Mr Netanyahu acquiesced in a 10-month settlements, Mr Obama in 2009, the palestinians still don't agree with negotiations until time runs out. But more than 100000 migrants in Obama's presidency convinced him that it is time to change the way at the United Nations, aides said.

Was awarded the 618 housing units in east Jerusalem building permit has been building for a period of time, on Wednesday and planning committee meeting agenda is in the United Nations to take action. But committee chairman said he is determined to advance unit of a total of 5600.

"I won't work at the United Nations, or other organization may decide what we do in Jerusalem," vice mayor meir Turgeman, planning committee chairman, told the newspaper the Israel today. "I hope the U.S. government and the new government will give us momentum to continue."

Although he did not specify which projects, infrared Amim, private organizations track settlements in east Jerusalem, said he could refers to the project in the settlements and Givat Hamatos. Betty Herschman, international relations and the promotion of the group's director, says this is "ignored the trump's election, now get the UN resolution."

Anat this nun, now director of peaceful development and foreign relations, says the building is problematic. "Mr Netanyahu trying to revenge U.N.S.C. resolution by the approved prada handbags plan beyond the green line will only hurt the israelis and palestinians through more difficult to reach the two-state solution," she said.

The Israeli leader said, they have no reason to stop building. Security council resolution "is absurd and completely divorced from the facts," said odie Revivi, the yesha council chief envoy on behalf of the settlers in the west bank. "Israel in Jerusalem for the construction prada outlet of the policy sets, rather than New York."

The fourth day, Israeli officials have accused the Obama campaign at the UN ambush them. Although the White House denied, Israeli officials pointed to the meeting with us secretary of state John kerry and New Zealand foreign minister council vote one month before the discussion about the resolution of the israeli-palestinian conflict. New Zealand is a sponsor on Friday.

Ambassador, genuine leather, says Mr Israel have other non-public information, but did not provide evidence to prove that the Obama administration's involvement and not complicated, just said it will be available to trump came into prada bags cheap office, his team.

"They have not got up and stop, behind them from the beginning," said Mr Leather. "This is the prime minister, why are you so prada bags outlet angry. We need to stand up against it."

Israeli officials fear that kerry will use the upcoming speech or a conference in France Outlines the peace plan will prada bags replica be hostile to Israel's interest. Mr Kerry's office had no comment.

Mr Netanyahu's angry reaction generated debate at home. Michael ballack political adviser, said the political left that the resolution "epic's foreign policy and diplomatic crisis" netanyahu.

But his base, and the actions of the security council confirmed they think that Mr Obama is essentially against Israel, so that the prime minister met as a champion by the enemy. Mr Barak said, "for them, Mr Netanyahu's leave this unscathed, lone Wolf in the lion's den hatred."

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